The Ministry

Empower, Grow, Succeed

Hallelujah Temple was founded in February 1995 by Pastor Astead N. Herndon and his wife Missionary Myrna R. Herndon. The universal word for “praise the Lord,” it was during a trip to Israel in 1985, the Spirit moved on him that ‘hallelujah’ embodied the inclusiveness and worship God wanted his church to demonstrate.

The ministry started from humble beginnings in a red barn at the Riegal Farm in University Park, Illinois. Despite the many challenges – malfunctioning A/C systems and the interrupting barn animals – the church grew quickly. In 1998, the Lord miraculous granted us the privilege to purchase 9.6 acres of land and our current facility a former Jewish synagogue. The church has been called Miracle Territory because of the numerous miracles, testimonies of healing, deliverance and most importantly salvation
that has occurred.

Since 2000, we’ve partnered with community resources and financially supported local ministries in Liberia, West Africa; South Africa; Cuba and Haiti. Pastor Herndon has preached and worked abroad and encouraged our congregation to do the same. As a dynamic body, our history is ongoing and forever changing. We’re excited about what the Lord is doing! Our consistent prayer is that Hallelujah Temple mirrors the power of its name.





Social Change

The Mission

Our Mission is to impact individuals to transform families, communities and global ministries through God's power and love.

The Vision

To be a dynamic creative assembly of believers empowered by the holy spirit to preach and teach the word of God and model holistic biblical values that promote practical holy living, help people grow in their knowledge of God’s word & his son Jesus Christ, sponsoring evangelistic & outreach activities that allow members to share their Christian experiences, spiritually and financially supporting the poor, disenfranchised, and elderly, globally supporting ministries, and the expansion of the Gospels and initiating programs and activities that will empower the family and transform the community while training licensing and ordaining ministers and missionaries of the Gospel.